Jakarta Underwater Hockey Club, the first underwater hockey club in Indonesia


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Every Monday & Thursday, We play in Olympic size pool of 1,8 m & 3 m depth and in a full courts of size 21 x 50m.

Join us on Monday and Thursday, 19.30 – 21.30, at Kolam Renang Bulungan, Jl Kyai Maja Blok F, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta

This month, we open:
– Introductory
– Advance

Basic Equipment needed :
> Mask, Snorkel & Fins.
> Swimwear. Mandatory
Only basic swimming skill are needed.

Contact us through Facebook Jakarta Underwater Hockey Club & twitter @jkt_UWH

***Membership fee is Rp 100.000 / month (for 8 sessions per month)
Bragging rights
JUHC participated in Asia Underwater Hockey Championship in 2011 and 2013, and became the host of Asia Underwater Hockey Championship in 2015.

JUHC Celebrates Eid Day

Happiness at Ochie’s House on Second Day of Eid because of Woku Chicken

Yeayyy….the Eid day came and everybody was happy, including members of Jakarta Underwater Hockey Club (JUHC).  After a month of fasting, Eid day meant victory and celebration.  How did we celebrate it? Well, some of JUHC members organized Eid tours to members’ houses who celebrated Eid. Usually, one or two JUHC members open their houses and welcome other members to come, greet and eat. Yes, eating actually is the part that we all have been waiting for.

First tour was to Fandi’s house in North Jakarta on the first day of Eid. Quite far but everybody was so excited to go to his house to greet him and his family and of course, to eat ketupat, traditional chicken curry, soto kecik and krecek. It is a tradition in Indonesia to serve diamond-shaped rice cake wrapped with palm leaves, called Ketupat and accompanied by Opor Ayam, traditional chicken curry.

Visiting Fandi’s House for Ketupat, Opor and Soto Kecik on first day of Eid

We spent second day of Eid at Ochie’s house. This time was a little bit different because our dear friend Johns cooked Manado specialty dish called Woku Fish for all of us, and also water spinach sauté and corn fritter.  Even though we had to wait for one hour, it was worth to wait. Chef Johns prepared the dish very well and Woku Fish tasted super delicious like it was cooked by five-star chef. Well done, Johns!

Woku Chicken
Super Tasty Woku Fish ala Chef Johns

A bit turn back to Ramadan, JUHC also had breaking fast together event or bukber. This occasion was a moment when each JUHC member brought food and drink to one place for the breaking fast. Then when adzan magrib recited to mark the fast-breaking time, we all enjoyed the food and beverages together.  And as you all can expect, there will never be a day without discussing underwater hockey for JUHC, so did we. After having our stomach full, next activity was watching World Championship Underwater Hockey videos with our avid underwater hockey coach Hadi Hidayat explained us every movement during the game.

Breakfasting at Fuad’s Office







JUHC Female Team Gathering: Road to AUHC 2017

JUHC Female Team Gathering

That’s what Jakarta Underwater Hockey Club (JUHC) female team sets the target to. Yes, we mean it! We are at the last row  in previous Asian Underwater Hockey Championship (AUHC) but our enthusiasm never fade away because we know there is hope and we dare to dream high.  Today, June 4, JUHC female team met at a gathering right before the fasting month.  Not only got together and ordered food (yes, we love to eat), we also discussed our next program, road to AUHC 2017.

It is still 14 months away but we need to gear up and prepare ourselves.  There is a lot of homework and things that we need to address and improve such as endurance, skill and motivation. Not to mention that we should also think on the amount of money we should prepare for funding the trip.   After the coaching session with Stirling Underwater Hockey Club (SUHC) female team two weeks ago,   Captain Mila and Vice-Captain Irene, together with Florina have formulated on endurance, skill and self-schedule programs for female.

On the gathering, Captain and Vice-Captain reminded each member to express commitment for AUHC 2017 because road to AUHC will not be easy; it demands lot of time, energy, sweat and determination to fulfill the program.  It is a very serious deal for the players.  Most of us expressed our commitment to go for AUHC and be in the program.

Newcomers also agree to work hard and strive hard towards AUHC 2017.  Next on the list are to set up schedule for the skills and endurance practice to improve our speed. As Vice-Captain Irene shared us that from the coaching session with Singapore, most of female team knows how to play underwater hockey and are aware of their position but, more speed will be very helpful to elevate the team performance.

This is not the end; instead, this is a beginning for all of us. There will be more and more gathering to unite all of us. And, of course, there will be hard work after this to prove that there’s nothing in vain, every effort will take into account.  See you at the bottom, gals!

Two Fine Days of Underwater Hockey (2)

JUHC Exch Day
SUHC Female Capt Handed over Puck to JUHC Female Team

Day 2

My decision to save energy was right! Second day started by SUHC warm up recipes. It was hard but it was fun while doing it together with fellow players. On the Advance level, the menu are

Warm up menu
Warm-up Menu…..Enjoy!!!

Talking about suicide swimming, this is a new thing for Indonesian team.  Capt Pin explained suicide swimming consists of sprint underwater swimming for half 25 m pool then swim back in surface. It then continues with sprint full underwater swimming until the edge and comes back in surface. Is that the end? Wait a minute, this is not over yet! The last set is the repetition of first set; underwater swimming for half then comes in surface swimming back to the pool side. The three sets of swimming should be done all at once for suicide swimming.  Yup, the name suicide swimming is not a joke; it is really killing you from inside but it will turn you to a stronger person both mentally and physically IF you dare to try and finish it.

Our mentors for warm-up session were Rudi and Elvie.  After the warm up recipes then we learned wall rotations.  Wall rotation is important to maintain the possession of the puck at wall.  We have to fight together by holding the puck, get thru beneath your friends body to backup her and to keep the the puck.

Wall Rotation

When I saw Singapore team showed us the do the demos, oh Gosh… they did it flawlessly.  I bet they did it tons and tons of this skill during the game.  I think this is a true example of theory “Practice makes perfect”.  We just have to do it over and over again.  There is no one night success in underwater hockey.

We played again in mix team.  I felt this time I did it better than yesterday’s game.  I could score one goal, my puck possession improved and also better rotation.  After each of the game, there was team discussion to review what we should improve and what was good.  The second day concludes with the mixed game between JUHC and SUHC team.  I felt sad that the coaching session was over but I promise myself that I must do better next time we meet so all the effort by SUHC team will be worth it.

There is one quote from the mighty Alice that I  remember very well to inspire me when time gets hard at the pool:

“When you started something, whatever it is, do it 100%. Because you have spent your valuable time and energy to start it at the first place, so why waste so much for something if you only do it half-hearted? Just give your best at it 100%”

12642670_10208577778111990_2419837430763150483_n by Mehran Ilma

Two Fine Days of Underwater Hockey (1)

Group Photo…End of JUHC-SUHC Exchange Day

Never have I imagined that World Underwater Hockey Champion player will come and teach me.  But that’s the reality!  On May 21-22, 2016, Stirling Underwater Hockey Club (SUHC) Team visited Jakarta for two-day coaching clinic at Ragunan pool, South Jakarta.  For me, I was so thrilled that SUHC would fly all the way from Singapore to teach me and my team, and share their experiences.  I am Mehran and I am member of Jakarta Underwater Hockey Club (JUHC) female team. My position is Center Forward.

Arrived on Saturday morning, Captain Pin Cheoh,  Alice Chong, Chikuen Lee, Lisa Laminto, Helena, Simon Lee, Rudi Kurniawan, Elvie and Sheena Soh went to the pool after they all checked in the hotel.  The first day of coaching session would soon begin, so excited….

The pool that we used is Ragunan Pool. This was the first time for me to play in Ragunan and found out that the pool is deeper (2.3 meter) than the one that we usually use at Bulungan. A bit narrow too, but it was okay.  What made the place, somewhat, amusing was the pool staff that was very committed to their job.  They had microphone and tirelessly reminded the visitors to take off sandals and to be very cautious not to swim at pool with 2 meters depth if they cannot swim well.  Sometimes even they can sound grumpy over the microphone even though they just do their job, repeat the messages and prevent visitors from drowning.

Day 1

The coaching session started with introduction from both Singapore team and Indonesian team, telling names, how long you have been playing underwater hockey and reasons why we love underwater hockey.  I noticed some answers were funny as there was answer like “I found my husband here”. But, my reason to play underwater hockey is because this sport is physically and mentally challenging. To my surprise, most of the SUHC members have been playing this sport for more than seven years…wow…salute to them!!!

The introduction session was a wrap. Now it was time for game on. It was mixed game between SUHC and JUHC players. Well, to me, it was very hard to identify which SUHC girls who were actually my teammates because all of them, of course, wore same swimsuits.  Except for Pin, the captain, you cannot ignore her muscular hand. That’s how I easily recognize her.

Captain Pin Cheoh

After the first game, Indonesian female team was divided into three groups; beginner, intermediate and advance for drill session. Two persons from SUHC team accompanied each group and coached for certain topics, followed by individual review through video recording.  A laptop was ready at the pool side to play the video.

Pin reviewed video advance drill

On advance level, there are Chikuen and Elvie, SUHC members who coached us.  They examined our kicking, curling, push and pull, and cobra skills.  Pin was the observer. She gave advice and corrections to each member. Thank you, Pin.

Moving on, all female team gathered at the poolside for whiteboard session.   She distributed a guidance book that was given to her long long time ago by the famous and legendary Lena Plambeck, underwater hockey female player from Australia.

Personally, I call the book is the The Holy Book of JUHC female team.  During the whiteboard session, Pin shared us several basic requirements that every forwards and backs should have.

The Holy Book


We ended first day of coaching by…what else….GAME. This time, Indonesian female team divided into two teams but each team would get extra helps from two members of SUHC members.


Woohoo…the game and coaching session might be over but that’s not the end.  Next on the list is our favorite program dining and chatting.  Puti’s house was the location for dinner.  Our dinner menu was Tumpeng, cone-shaped rice dish with side dishes vegetables, meats and eggs typically served for special occasions.  So many foods served at that time and I noticed Singaporean team ate a lot too but I wondered…..how they keep their muscular bodies stay in shape.

We ate; we chatted and took picture selfies or group photo.  We just love to take picture whenever we get together.   I used this occasion to chat with Alice, the pioneer of Shanghai Azures, and listened to her struggle establishing Shanghai Azures team.  Even though there was never ending food provided, I decided to go home early to save energy for tomorrow.

To be continued……

12642670_10208577778111990_2419837430763150483_n by Mehran Ilma


Apakah Kamu Anak Baru di Underwater Hockey?

Briefing Pertama Kelas Pemula mengenai Hoki Air

Jika ya….selamat datang di Jakarta Underwater Hockey Club (JUHC), klub underwater hockey (hoki air) pertama di Jakarta dan Indonesia.

Bulan lalu, JUHC membuka kelas baru untuk pertama kalinya di tahun 2016 dan berhasil menjaring enam anggota baru.  Mereka adalah Yongky Andrew, Jennifer Nadine, Bobby Agus Kurniawan, Febri Muhammad Sabila dan Krisna.  Kelas baru dilaksanakan selama empat minggu dan anggota baru diajarkan gerakan dasar hoki air seperti duck dive, frog dive, finning dan curling (berbelok).

Kelas Pemula sedang Mencoba Perlengkapan Hoki Air Sebelum Sesi di Kolam

Terlihat mudah? Bobby Agus menyebut olahraga ini olahraga ekstrem karena pemain harus bisa menguasai permainan dan cara bermain namun di saat yang sama, harus bisa mengolah level oksigennya. “This is crazy! Di olahraga lain, kamu hanya perlu fokus ke permainan dan tidak perlu khawatir dengan napasmu. Tapi di hoki air, kamu bermain sembari menahan napasmu,” ujar  Bobby.  Meski demikian, Bobby berkata dia akan tetap berlatih. Syukurlah!

Saat ini Bobby di level novice, setingkat lebih tinggi dari pemula.  Di level ini, pelatih akan mengajarkan teknik swerve dan flick. Swerve adalah gerakan dimana pemain mengubah arah puck (bola dalam hoki air) dengan tiba-tiba untuk melindungi dari rebutan lawan dan flick adalah saat puck terangkat melayang dari dasar kolam dengan menggunakan stick kemudian diarahkan menuju rekan satu tim atau untuk mencetak gol.

Pelatih Rendy Mengajarkan tentang Perlengkapan Hoki Air

Pelatih Arif Junus mengatakan kebugaran tubuh penting sekali dalam olahraga ini membantu pemain mencapai kecepatan dan kekuatan yang dibutuhkan di hoki air.  “Akan ada variasi BOGDAT (Breathe Once Go Down and Touch), porsi berenang gaya bebas dengan menggunakan sepatu katak maupun tidak menggunakan sepatu katak dan menu biasa seperti Half Over Half Under (HOHU), Half Under Half Over (HUHO) dan apnea (berenang di dalam air dengan satu napas untuk jarak tertentu) untuk menempa stamina para anggota baru,” tutur Arif.

Selanjutnya adalah posisi dan waktu turun yang tepat. Mencari posisi yang bagus di waktu yang tepat sangat penting karena dalam hoki air, strategi komunikasinya adalah komunikasi diam.  Sangat tidak mungkin bisa berbicara dengan rekan setim di dalam air, jadi setiap pemain harus menggunakan intuisinya untuk menempatkan dirinya di dalam formasi tim, naik turun dan membantu rekan setim.  Biasanya dibutuhkan beberapa bulan bagi pemain untuk bisa memiliki insting waktu yang tepat menyelam dan menempatkan diri dalam posisi selama bermain.

Jadi, kamu anak baru di hoki air? Siapkan dirimu untuk tantangan ini, jangan menyerah dan gunakan waktumu sebaik mungkin menyerap segala informasi dari pelatih dan rekan setim. Nikmati setiap fasenya di olahraga yang menantang ini…hoki air. See you at the bottom! Setiap Senin – Kamis, pukul 19.30, di Kolam Bulungan.

Are You Beginners in Underwater Hockey?


Beginners on Their Very First Briefing about Underwater Hockey and Gears

If yes, welcome to Jakarta Underwater Hockey Club (JUHC), the first underwater hockey club in Jakarta and Indonesia.

Last month, JUHC opened the first beginner class in 2016 and had six new members.  They are Yongky Andrew, Jennifer Nadine, Bobby Agus Kurniawan, Febri, Muhammad Sabila and Krisna.  Four weeks of introduction class will equip the beginners with underwater hockey basic moves such as duck dive, frog dive, finning and curling.

Newbie Tried Their Gears before Pool Session

Seems easy? Well, Bobby Agus, four weeks joining the session, has labelled the sport an extreme sport because in this sport, players need to master the game but at the same time, must manage their oxygen level.  He said, “This is crazy! When you do other sports, you just play the game and no need to worry your breathing.  But underwater hockey…you play the game hard while holding your breath.  However, he said he will continue joining the club and practicing.  Glad to hear it, Bobby!

Now he is in novice level, one level higher than beginner.  The coach will show novice how to do swerve and flick.  Swerve is a move when players change puck direction abruptly to protect the puck from opponent and flick is to lift and toss puck from the bottom with the stick to other players or to score a goal.

Coach Rendy Showed Beginner the Gears

Coach Arif Junus said fitness level is also crucial in this sport to develop speed and power of underwater hockey players.  “There will be variation of BOGDAT (Breathe Once Go Down and Touch), flutter kick with fin and no fin and our usual menu such as Half Over Half Under, Half Under Half Over and apnea (one breath and swim underwater for certain distance) to boost  the stamina,” said Coach Junus.

Next on the list is positioning and timing.  Good position in perfect timing is important since the sport adopts silent strategy.  It is impossible to communicate with teammates underwater so, each player needs to use their intuition to position themselves, to go down and back their buddies.  Few months may be taken for the players to sense great timing to dive and to position during the game.

So, are you beginners in underwater hockey? Get ready for the challenges, don’t give up, and take the time to absorb all the information from the coaches or your friends. Enjoy every phase in this mental-game..underwater hockey.  See you at the bottom! Every Monday – Thursday, 7.30 pm at Bulungan pool.

Underwater Hockey Fever Thousands of Miles Away from World Underwater Hockey Championship


With only invitation through Whats app group, ten members of Jakarta Underwater Hockey Club (JUHC) flocked to Adiksi, an office belonged to a JUHC member, at Prapanca Street on Saturday, April 2, to watch the final game of World Underwater Hockey Championship live through http://www.247.tv.  The 2016 World Underwater Hockey Championship was held at Stellenbosch, South Africa from March 24 – April 2, 2016 with 17 countries as the participants.

Yes, JUHC members are fanatic fan of underwater hockey sports and the world championship means a great deal since JUHC would be able to witness elite and master players playing with the pucks sophisticatedly.

The projector, chips and rugs were ready.  The first game was Australia vs Great Britain master’s men.  It was plain to see that JUHC players are big fan of Australia’s team because when games between Australia and Great Britain was about to start, the crowd cheered for Australia’s Master Players.  Darren Winata, one of the youngest players in the club, even posted picture of Australia’s team to his Facebook account and wrote, ”Go Aussie!”

The game was fast and awesome as  some players were able to decoy the opponents and swing the puck to other directions in just a blink of an eye.  Luckily, several coaches attended the screening and  explained the movements and strategies implemented by both teams to the crowd.  So, it was fun though, but at the same time it was also video coaching session live from Stellenbosch….what an entertaining and productive session!

The championships ended with Australia swept away three gold medals; gold medal each for the Elite Men, Master’s Women and Master’s Men.  Congratulations, Australia!

Indonesian team….let us strive hard towards the next World Underwater Hockey Championship!


Foreign Underwater Hockey Players Visited Jakarta and Joined Regular Practice

Lam Nguyen
Lam Nguyen from Perth after the Valentine Internal Tournament

Four foreign underwater hockey players visited Jakarta and joined Jakarta Underwater Hockey Club’s regular practice in February and March. They are Lam Nguyen from Perth, Chris Gudde from UK and Elizabeth & Diana, two Colombian girls who reside in Paris.

All of them made first contact with Jakarta Underwater Hockey Club (JUHC) through Facebook fan page. Despite the poor condition of Jakarta’s pool, these four players enjoyed the practice. Even, Chris Gudde had the opportunity to join the introduction session to underwater rugby. Yeah…it is no kidding! Jakarta Underwater Hockey Club also opens itself to another underwater sport, the underwater rugby.

Chris Guide
Chris Gudde, Andrea Holmqvist and husband with JUHC members before the game

Andrea Holmqvist and husband came to the pool and brought all the equipment and let all the JUHC players to try playing underwater rugby. The intro session began with introduction to gears and the rules, and then it continued to trial session on the pool.

Group Photo Diana with JUHC Members after supper

So….for you underwater hockey players from all over the world, if you happen to come to Jakarta, contact us through Facebook Fan Page: Jakarta Underwater Hockey Club or JUHC’s Communication Member: Carmel at carmelitandra@gmail.com and join our regular practice on Monday and Thursday, 7.30 pm at Bulungan pool, South Jakarta. We will be more than happy to have the opportunity playing with you guys…….



Membawa Nama Negara Indonesia ke Kancah Asia

Haloooooo semua *dadah2 dari patung pancoran*I have nothing to do today, so I will be writing about my experience.

Pengalaman yang gue ceritakan ini adalah pengalaman yang gak bakal gue lupain seumur hidup gue dan gue harap gue bisa melakukannya lagi. Untuk pertama kalinya sepanjang sejarah hidup gue, gue membawa nama Indonesia ke tingkat Asia dalam kompetisi AUHC (Asia Underwater Hockey Championship) yang di adakan 2-4 Desember 2011 di Singapura. Sebelumnya gue jelasin sedikit dulu tentang kompetisi ini. AUHC (Asia Underwater Hockey Championship) adalah sebuah pertandingan hockey bawah air di mana pesertanya adalah pemain underwater hockey yang berasal dari negara-negara Asia lainnya seperti Singapura, Jepang, Philipina, dan Indonesia. Kebetulan Indonesia baru ikut pertama kalinya dalam kompetisi AUHC ini. AUHC ini digelar 2 tahun sekali. AUHC-nya sendiri baru digelar tiga kali dan ini adalah AUHC yang diselenggarakan untuk kali ke-4 di mana Indonesia sebagai peserta baru di dalam kompetisi ini dan Australia sebagai tamu yang diundang di dalam kompetisi ini. Australia bukan termasuk negara Asia, jadi mereka itu adalah tamu dalam kompetisi AUHC ini.

*bagi yang masih gak tau apa itu underwater hockey, bisa di search di google atau kalo mau tau lebih jelas searching di youtube dengan keyword ‘underwater hockey’*

Saat gue memberitahukan hal itu ke nyokap, nyokap gue kaget dan berkata ‘Damas, kamu enggak lagi mengkhayal kan?’ Gue dengan tegas menjawab ‘Enggak mah.. Serius! Kalo gak percaya tanya mas chris’ Mas chris itu adalah ketua dari JUHC (Jakarta Underwater Hockey Club). Nyokap masih enggak percaya mengenai hal yang gue ceritakan ke dia tentang keikutsertaan gue di dalam kompetisi tingkat Asia ini. Setelah makan malam, akhirnya beliau percaya setelah gue memberikan 10 panadol yang gue udah bejek2 ke makan malamnya. Awalnya nyokap gue enggak setuju dengan keikutsertaan gue di kompetisi AUHC ini mengingat gue harus belajar buat persiapan SNMPTN tahun 2012. Gue pun berdebat dengan nyokap selama 3 hari. Pada akhirnya nyokap gue mengiyakan keikutsertaan gue karena tampang gue yang memelas dan udah banyak piring pecah bertebaran di sekitar rumah dan jika nyokap terus melakukan kebrutalan ini, berdebat dengan gue, keluarga gue mengalami kesulitan saat makan di mana piring-piring sudah pecah semua. Gue pun berterima kasih dan meminta restu dari nyokap untuk mengikuti kompetisi AUHC ini.

Gue menjadi pemain termuda dari Indonesia karena umur gue baru 17 tahun, sedangkan para pemain lainnya berumur 24-45 tahun. Pemain Indonesia yang berangkat untuk AUHC ini ada 14 orang di antaranya ada Gue, Mas Chris, Mas Dio, Mas Fandy, Mas Maul, Mas Arif, Mas Martin, Mas Andreas, Mas Yasin, Om Budcay, Sis Jetty, Sis Flo, Sis Pingkan, dan Mas Rudy yang di mana Mas Rudy ini orang Indonesia yang lama di Singapura. Persiapan menuju AUHC ini cukup singkat, lebih singkat dari kucing gue ketika mengandung anaknya, hanya 3 bulan. Dadakan memang, tapi semua itu harus dijalanin dengan berlatih keras dan sungguh-sungguh karena lawannya berasal dari negara-negara Asia, ditambah lagi ada peserta tamu dari negara Australia yang menjuarai kejuaraan underwater hockey tingkat dunia. Awalnya, emang gue dan pemain tim underwater hockey Indonesia nge-down karena lawan yang kita lawan bukan sekedar layaknya kita tanding nangkep lele antar RT, melainkan dari negara-negara Asia. Gue kemudian berpikir ‘Nangkep lele antar RT aja juara harapan 3 gimana gue ikut kompetisi ini?’ Namun dukungan dari antar pemain underwater hockey, nyokap gue, dan abang odong-odong deket rumah, gue membangun mental gue dari seorang anak ingusan yang bisanya cuma tidur kalo ngantuk *yaiyalah* menjadi seseorang dengan mental atlet. Gue bersama pemain lainnya berlatih keras walaupun badai menerjang, membangun mental bersama, dan makan dengan lahap bersama kalo ditraktir orang. Sampai hari H-2 pun tiba kita tetap berlatih guna persiapan AUHC ini.

Semuanya dari biaya pendaftaran, biaya transportasi, dan biaya makan ditanggung sendiri karena belum mendapatkan dana dari pemerintah mengingat olahraga ini belum resmi dari persatuan olahraga Indonesia.Walaupun begitu para pengurus tertinggi dari kementrian olahraga nasional tau tentang keikutsertaan Indonesia dalam kompetisi AUHC ini.

H-1 gue bersama pemain underwater hockey Indonesia berangkat menuju spore dengan pesawat televisi terbang dengan maskapai yang gue samarkan namanya menjadi LION AIR. Gue berangkat bersama tim kira-kira jam 5 sore dari soekarno hatta dan tiba di changi airport jam 7 malem (waktu spore)

Bernarsis ria dulu di bandara soekarno hatta..

Gue ke-2 dari kiri yang berdiri. Gue saranin abis liat foto gue basuh muka anda sebanyak 200 kali
Sesampainya di bandara kita ke menuju hotel, tapi sebelum ke hotel kita mampir kesebuah kedai untuk makan malam. Tadinya gue ingin berinisiatif buat ngamen karena di sana gk ada hiburan sama sekali kecuali mas-mas yang berteriak (dalam Bahasa Inggris) “BOLEH KAKAK MAKANANNYAAAA”. Tapi gue menahan diri karena gue gak mau di deportasi dari spore gara-gara hal tersebut.
Memasuki hari H gue dan tim gue berangkat ke arena pertandingan yang berada di Queenstwon dengan MRT karena tidak ada mobil pick up yang bisa gue setop di sana. Gue berangkat jam 3 dan tiba di Queenstwon jam 4. Pertandingannya sendiri baru dimulai jam 5. Saat itu gue merinding, bulu kuduk berbaris rapi di kulit, keringet dingin, dan tentunya gue makin ganteng.
narsis dulu sebelum tanding
Hari ke-1
Pada hari itu adalah pertandingan challenge cup di mana peserta dari negara-negara Asia dimix membuat tim baru. Gue mendapatkan tim yang berisikan pemain-pemain dari negara Singapura dan Philipina. Saat itu gue canggung karena dua hal. Pertama karena gue bermain dengan pemain-pemain asing dan yang kedua gue gak terlalu lancar berbahasa Inggris untuk komunikasi. Jadi setiap tim challange cup gue berdiskusi gue cuma ngangguk-ngangguk aja kaya patung hoka-hoka bento yang ada di depan pintu masuknya. Untung aja di dalam timchallenge cup gue ada dua pemain Indonesia yang cukup lancar berbahasa Inggris yaitu Mas Dayat sama Om Budcay. Gue bernapas lega karena ada mereka. Tim challenge cup gue dapet jadwal tanding jam 6 waktu spore. Waktu itu gue main malam hari, otomatis kolam dingin dong dan saat itu hujan turun sehingga menjadikan kolam itu dingin banget sedingin hati gue *curcol*. Pas mulai pertandingannya, gue kaget karena ada pemain yang lebih ganteng dari gue, tapi ada yang lebih bikin gue kaget yaitu PERMAINANNYA para pemain spore dan philipina yang bisa gue bilang expert banget. Kalo ibarat ditingkat game, pemain spore sama philipina itu udah hard dan gue masih tutorial. Kampret, gue gak bisa mengimbanginnya begitupun pemain Indonesia lainnya yang satu tim sama gue, Mas Dayat sama Om Budcay. Padahal mereka (Mas Dayat sama Om Budcay) ini permainannya lebih jago dari gue tapi mereka punya problem yang sama dengan gue yaitu gak bisa mengimbangi permainan dengan pemain spore dan philipina. Selesainya pertandinganchallenge cup, para peserta AUHC makan di suatu tempat makan yang terkenal di deket Queenstown. After that, gue bersama tim langsung pulang dengan keadaan mengenaskan (capek banget karena kaget dengan permainan underwater hockey dari negara-negara Asia lainnya).
Hari ke-2
Kali ini pertandingan di isi dengan Challenge Cup dan Nation Cup. Nation Cup  itu pesertanya dari negaranya sendiri tanpa dicampur-campur dengan negara lainnya dan negara Australia tidak ikut di dalamnya karena dia terlalu jago buat kami (para negara-negara Asia). Kalo Australia ikut udah ketauan siapa pemenangnya. Gue bersama tim gue sampe arena pertandingan jam 8 pagi karena pertandingannya mulai jam 9 pagi. Saat itu Indonesia kedapetan main jam 10 pagi. Perasaan gue deg-degan, para pemain Indonesia lainnya pun deg-degan, bahkan mas-mas penjual loket MRT pun ikut deg-degan (oke mulai gak nyambung). Tapi kita semua melepaskan ketegangan itu dengan memberi support satu sama lainnya dan memberi himbauan agar kita main santai. Pertandingan Indonesia pun di mulai, ketika itu kita kedapatan  pool B yang berisikan Singapura B dan Philipina A. Oh iya, dalam challenge cup ini jika saat pertandingan, tim mengalami kalah dua kali berturut-turut, maka tim tersebut tidak lolos ke putaran berikutnya.
And finally, this is a result…..
Hari ke-3
Hari itu kita berkesempatan buat lawan Jepang di pertandingan Exhibition Match. Exhibition Match ini pertandingan bisa dibilang cuma match fun games aja. Waktu itu gue dan tim gue berkesempatan buat ngelawan tim wanita dari Australia. Ini wanita bukan sembarang wanita, melainkan wanita-wanita yang berkekuatan 2000 tenaga kuda yang sudah tertelan usia alias udah uzur. Pas gue sama tim gue bertanding lawan tim lainnya, gue cuma bisa berkata “Mah, damas mau pulang.” Ketika itu tim Indonesia kalah melawan tim wanita dari Australia dan sudah pasti kebantai. Saat malamnya gue bersama peserta AUHC lainnya after party di suatu tempat yang katanya bar yang berada di dekat orchad. Sungguh hari yang sangat melelahkan tapi seru bagi gue bersama pemain Indonesia lainnya.
Itulah sederet aktivitas-aktivitas gue saat AUHC berlangsung. Di sana selain bertanding kita juga melakukan hal yang tak kalah penting selain mengikuti kompetisi AUHC yaitu berfoto. Lumayan itung-itung bisa nambah album foto di facebook.
 ama teteh-teteh dari philipina
lagi liat-liat (doang) orang jualan (dan kagak beli).
Me with Sis Flo
 With Japan’s Team
 at queenstown swimming pool (arena pertandingan AUHC)
After Party 1
after party 2
Gue seneng banget bisa ikut kompetisi ini karena ini merupakan kali pertamanya gue ikut kompetisi tingkat Asia. Banyak kompetisi yang gue ikutin paling-paling mentok di tingkat RT, itupun lombanya nangkepin tuyul yang ngambil duit belanjaannya Bu RT.
Bagi gue dan tim gue bukan masalah kalah dan kebantainya tim kami, yang penting pengalaman gue dan tim gue, kekompakan antar pemain, pembelajaran skill dari negara-negara peserta AUHC, dan yang pasti kebanggaan bisa mewakili Indonesia dalam kompetisi tingkat Asia dan bisa lebih baik lagi.
Semoga event AUHC ini bisa gue ikutin lagi tahun 2013

Jakarta Underwater Hockey Club

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